The application catalog NEXTA 42 EXAMPLES SMART

The application catalogue NEXTA 42 EXAMPLES SMART has been released, presenting some installation proposals and solutions for various environments. From residential buildings to furniture , from offices to shops and illuminated signs, operation of NEXTA Systems is illustrated.


Adatta al  controllo di Strisce LED 12-24Vdc – MONOCOLORE, CCT, RGB e RGB/W. Potenza MAX TOTALE: 10A – 120W @12Vdc | 240W @24Vdc. Grazie all’applicazione ONE SMART è possibile gestire l’illuminazione con tablet e smartphone compatibli con dispositivi a Comando Vocale Google Home e Amazon Alexa.                …

New Lighting 2020 Catalogue

The new Lighting Catalogue has been released! There are all the new lighting solutions proposed by LEF. A new graphic, but always in line with our corporate image, illustrates our entire range dedicated to the different types of products.